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cat snuggle with dog snuggle - melanie ramos, 6


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Smiling dog and cat in a basket

The two best friends sit together in a little basket. It's a peaceful day out in the open and the dog and the cat are very happy being together. Someone has put a pair of bouquets of roses next to the basket. Maybe the dog got them for the cat?

In the background there are spruce trees and bushes and the sun is going down.
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Puzzle 49

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Panlo :V - Sofi the demon, 12
Panlo :V
By: Sofi the demon, 12
i was bored in class - oop, 100
i was bored in class
By: oop, 100
naked - hump me, 27
By: hump me, 27
humping - hump me, 27
By: hump me, 27
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