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Please read the information on this page before using the site.

We offer printable coloring pages. Some of the coloring pages have been gathered from the public domain. Some of the coloring pages can be placed on websites without any conditions since they are in the public domain. We also email a lot of artists and copyright holders and ask them for permission to add their images. In case of a mutual agreement we add the images. For a limited number of images we have acquired the legal rights to use them from We also create in-house material as well as pay artists to create and develop coloring pages for our site. We now have thousands of images that we have produced and have the copyright to.

Finally, we work with agencies that has permission from companies such as Paramount, Warner, Motionpic etc to distribute their online activity packs to websites such as ours. These packs often contain coloring pages and other fun activity stuff.

Our intentions are to not violate any copyright conditions but in case of an infringement in any interest of a copyright holder please contact us and we will remove the image immediately.

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Online Coloring and Privacy
The users can color and save images on this website. The saved images will appear instantly on the website. We check the saved images and their names regulary to see if they are appropriate. If you despite this find an image you think has a controversial, offensive or disruptive name or message please let us know as soon as possible.

We reserve the right to delete inappropriate images. When you draw, paint and/or color and save an image on our website, you agree to let JH Flatcube AB use that image in current and future applications on this site. Such applications can for example be an online puzzle or sort my tiles – but the usages are in no way finite to only these two examples.

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